Finding Professional Success Through Individual Motivation - Requirements To Become A Freight Broker


The expanding world economy relies increasingly on the ability of companies which produce products to connect with companies that can ship those products. More and more firms are beginning to specialize in only their fields of production, creating an opening for driven and creative individuals to assist with brokering their freight transport needs. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the requirements for becoming a licensed freight broker in the United States.

3 June 2015

Destination Wedding Guide: Chartering A Private Jet


Does the idea of standing in line at security, shoeless and with all your belongings in a plastic tub, suck the romance from your dream destination wedding? If so, there are other options. Chartering a private jet to take you and your beloved to the locale of your dreams can help you avoid many of the hassles of a commercial flight. This guide can help you plan your charter. Get a Head Count

30 April 2015

Planning The Perfect Romantic Proposal: Ideas For You

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When it comes to stressful and anxious event planning, no event is more intimidating than planning to propose to your girlfriend. You know that she has likely been imagining this moment since she was a little girl, and you do not want to disappoint her when you ask her if she will spend the rest of her life with you. Perfection is a necessity. However, you also do not want your proposal to be cliched or just like everyone else's.

27 April 2015

5 Limo Services For Prom That Go Above And Beyond


It's prom-time and you're looking for limo services fit for your teen. Gone are the days when a simple black stretch was the go-to ride for formal dances. Today's teens are looking to go above and beyond, showing up to the event in super-style. Before you rent a ride for your high-schooler, consider what the options really are. There's the obvious classic limousine choice. But, what other types of transportation are available?

31 March 2015

How to Get Your Teenager Excited to Go Mountain Biking with You


Often times getting your teenager to do something with you can be difficult because not only do they have their own life that they are busy with, but they may not think that it is "cool" to hang out with their parent. The first way to motivate your child to do something with you, is going to be to make it fun. Think of something that is physically challenging and exciting at the same time, like mountain biking.

31 March 2015

How To Pick The Perfect Party Bus Tour On Your Vacation


Most larger cities offer party bus rentals that your group can utilize while cruising around town. Each bus comes with a driver, so your group can relax and not worry about getting lost or getting too tipsy. Not all party bus companies offer the same services. Decide what kind of experience your group would like to have, before calling to make a reservation. Do you want a day time trip or do you want to see the nightlife?

26 March 2015

Handy Tips For Disabled Taxi Passengers


Getting a ride across town does not have to be challenging for someone without a car these days. Most people call a taxi (from outlets such as White Top Cab Company) when they need to get someplace and do not have their own transportation. However, if you are disabled, you may have found that catching a taxi can be hard if you have to do so at the last minute. Check out these tips for helping you always have the ride you need, even for those times you need one unexpectedly.

24 March 2015