What Can You Fit In The Bed Of A Dump Truck?


Dump trucks — those monster-sized vehicles with hydraulic-lifting beds that can carry more than you could ever possibly guess — are sharing the road with you every day. Yet, how much can a dump truck actually carry? That depends on the "cargo," really. If you have a hard time picturing what and how much you can use a dump truck to haul, the following examples should provide better visual aids for you.

A Couple of Tons of Rock

​Dump trucks work in quarries a lot because they can move all of the loose rock and rubble around with greater ease than any other construction vehicle. A ton, in case you do not recall, is equal to two thousand pounds. A dump truck can carry a couple of tons, which when poured back out on the ground, is enough rock to create a hundred-foot driveway. 

Thirty to Sixty People

​You can either put thirty hefty people or sixty slender-build people in the bed of a dump truck. Why you would do that is your own business, but you could if you wanted to. Additionally, if you have a mix of skinny and hefty people, the number of people you can fit falls somewhere in between. By the by, that is standing room only; if you were to lay people down in the bed of the truck like logs and stack them, you could probably fit a whole lot more people in there. 

Rubble From a Demolition

​If you knock down a four-story building, it takes a dump truck about twenty to fifty loads to remove all of the rubble. It all depends on how full the truck bed is each time it leaves the scene to go dump the rubble in an approved location. It also depends on how much rebar and steel are sticking out of the pieces of rubble, which would cause the truck to haul less because of the awkward fitting of this kind of rubble. 

Christmas Trees, Lots of Them

​If fifty to one hundred Christmas trees are cut down, and they are netted such that their branches are tightly folded against the trunks of the trees, you can lay them in the bed of the dump truck and stack them high. Depending on their fullness and tightness of netting, you could probably fit between fifty to one hundred trees, laid horizontally and stacked, in the back of the truck like those at Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc.


1 March 2019

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