Top Benefits Of Working With A Transportation Brokerage


Many companies rely on shipping or transporting products and cargo, but not every company has their own dedicated fleet of trucks. In this type of situation, a company will need to make transportation arrangements that fit their needs. While you could try contracting with a transportation company on your own, you are much better off working with a transportation brokerage to help you find a company to provide shipping and transportation services. A reputable transportation brokerage will be able to assist you in finding the perfect transportation solution for your company's needs. Some of the top benefits of working with a transportation brokerage include the following.

Numerous Carrier Options

A transportation brokerage has relationships with a number of trucking carriers, so you can count on them to help you find the right carrier for your transportation needs. Whether you need to work with a trucking carrier that offers international or time-sensitive transportation options, you can count on a transportation brokerage to have contact with a good transportation carrier for the job. A transportation brokerage will listen to exactly what your company's needs are and will then narrow down the options, presenting you with your best choices. 

Price Negotiations

A transportation brokerage is run by experts in the transportation industry. A reputable transportation brokerage will understand the going rates for transporting products and cargo and will work on your behalf to ensure that your company gets a fair price for transportation services. Working with a transportation brokerage is a great choice if you want the peace of mind of knowing that your company is not overpaying to have your products or cargo transported from point A to point B. You can let a transportation brokerage know what your transportation budget is and they will do their best to find a transportation carrier that can provide transportation at your price point.

Carefully Vetting Carriers

When you entrust your products or cargo to a transportation carrier, you want to know that it will be safe and arrive at its destination. One of the best things about working with a transportation brokerage is the fact that they fully vet transportation carriers before working with them. That means that a transportation brokerage will verify a transportation carrier's insurance and licensing, while also reviewing their safety record and checking to see how often their deliveries arrive on time. If your company uses a transportation brokerage, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your products and cargo is in the possession of a reputable transportation carrier. 

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11 June 2019

Tips for Navigating Your Transportation Options While on Vacation

Many travelers face the same dilemma while on vacation -- is it better to rent a car or take taxis? I made some guidelines for myself to determine which transportation option to use during each vacation. First, I always rely on taxi-cabs in large cities, as I can walk many places and driving in heavy traffic is not for me. Rental cars are best for quieter locations. Second, I determine what is on my itinerary, if I have one at all. If I have a strict plan of where I need to go and when, then I take a cab. If I don't have a tight, planned-out schedule, then a rental car is more useful for driving around and checking out scenery. I created this blog to encourage others to stop stressing over which transportation option you choose and when. Make your own guidelines to make the choice easier.