Why You Shouldn't Overlook Airport Parking Reservations


When you are going on a trip and flying through Seatac, you might wonder what you're supposed to do with your car. If you're willing to use a bus, taxi or ride sharing service, you could simply leave your car at home. However, this isn't always the most convenient option under such a short notice. Fortunately, there are many services that offer convenient parking options. 

Reserved Parking Lots are More Secure

One of the issues with simply leaving your car at home is that it might be vulnerable to a break-in. Burglars might notice that you're not home when your car is often not moving, if you must park it outside when you don't own a garage. This allows you to avoid the stress of worrying what will happen to your car.

Reservations are Faster

Booking a reservation is much faster than relying on other services. If you must take a bus or rely on a taxi, you have to wait for your ride to arrive. You may have to do some walking if you're relying on a bus depending on where the bus stop is. It's much easier to simply book a reservation and drive your car. The best parking reservation services will have great customer service that you can call and rely on. 

Reservations Guarantee a Parking Spot

When you don't reserve a parking space, there is no guarantee that you'll find a spot available. Even if there is a parking spot available, you may have to spend time looking for one. If you have a Seatac parking reservation, your experience at the airport will be much more quick and convenient. 

Reserved Parking is Affordable in the Short-Term

You may be concerned about the expenses for reserving a parking spot, but it is often surprisingly affordable. Many airports allow you to reserve parking spots for a fee ranging from $10-20. The cost for parking can vary depending on whether you choose a daily or hourly plan. The daily plan is ideal if you'll be traveling while an hourly plan is more ideal if you'll be picking someone up from the airport.

You'll typically have multiple parking lots to choose from. All parking lots are usually near the airport. You should choose a parking lot that best meets your travel needs. Once you have selected the parking lot, you'll simply need to provide your payment information. Make sure to print the receipt because you'll need it when arriving at the airport.


11 January 2019

Tips for Navigating Your Transportation Options While on Vacation

Many travelers face the same dilemma while on vacation -- is it better to rent a car or take taxis? I made some guidelines for myself to determine which transportation option to use during each vacation. First, I always rely on taxi-cabs in large cities, as I can walk many places and driving in heavy traffic is not for me. Rental cars are best for quieter locations. Second, I determine what is on my itinerary, if I have one at all. If I have a strict plan of where I need to go and when, then I take a cab. If I don't have a tight, planned-out schedule, then a rental car is more useful for driving around and checking out scenery. I created this blog to encourage others to stop stressing over which transportation option you choose and when. Make your own guidelines to make the choice easier.