Planning The Perfect Romantic Proposal: Ideas For You

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When it comes to stressful and anxious event planning, no event is more intimidating than planning to propose to your girlfriend. You know that she has likely been imagining this moment since she was a little girl, and you do not want to disappoint her when you ask her if she will spend the rest of her life with you. Perfection is a necessity. However, you also do not want your proposal to be cliched or just like everyone else's.

27 April 2015

5 Limo Services For Prom That Go Above And Beyond


It's prom-time and you're looking for limo services fit for your teen. Gone are the days when a simple black stretch was the go-to ride for formal dances. Today's teens are looking to go above and beyond, showing up to the event in super-style. Before you rent a ride for your high-schooler, consider what the options really are. There's the obvious classic limousine choice. But, what other types of transportation are available?

31 March 2015

How to Get Your Teenager Excited to Go Mountain Biking with You


Often times getting your teenager to do something with you can be difficult because not only do they have their own life that they are busy with, but they may not think that it is "cool" to hang out with their parent. The first way to motivate your child to do something with you, is going to be to make it fun. Think of something that is physically challenging and exciting at the same time, like mountain biking.

31 March 2015

How To Pick The Perfect Party Bus Tour On Your Vacation


Most larger cities offer party bus rentals that your group can utilize while cruising around town. Each bus comes with a driver, so your group can relax and not worry about getting lost or getting too tipsy. Not all party bus companies offer the same services. Decide what kind of experience your group would like to have, before calling to make a reservation. Do you want a day time trip or do you want to see the nightlife?

26 March 2015

Handy Tips For Disabled Taxi Passengers


Getting a ride across town does not have to be challenging for someone without a car these days. Most people call a taxi (from outlets such as White Top Cab Company) when they need to get someplace and do not have their own transportation. However, if you are disabled, you may have found that catching a taxi can be hard if you have to do so at the last minute. Check out these tips for helping you always have the ride you need, even for those times you need one unexpectedly.

24 March 2015

Flying High: A Brief History Of The Origins Of The Air Freight Industry


Shipping materials and goods by air is a fast and efficient method of delivery. Yet, the first air freight flight did not raise as many eyebrows as the eventual success of the air freight industry might suggest. It all started with the Wright brothers, who not only put the first airplane into flight, but also made the first air freight delivery. Who Were the Wright Brothers? Regardless of whether or not you are an aviation fanatic, you probably know that the Wright brothers successfully designed and flew the first airplane.

17 March 2015

Make Lasting Memories And Keep Your Friends Entertained On A Party Bus


If you are getting together with some friends that you work with, make the time memorable and entertaining by renting a party bus. Your party bus will come stocked full of all of the extravagances that you have been wanting to indulge in. You and your guests will share an experience that may leave an impression in each of your minds for a long time to come. Live Entertainment Rent a party bus that is comparable to a nightclub on wheels.

11 March 2015

Transitioning From Long Distance Relationship To Living Together


You've talked to your significant other about taking your long distance relationship to the next level. You've decided that it's time to for you to live together, but the thought of moving far away from your home has you on edge. What do you do? Preparing for a long distance move is difficult enough without wondering if living together is the right decision for your relationship. But, don't panic just yet.

4 March 2015

The One Question To Ask Every Cabbie Before Leaving Their Car


During a taxi ride, you might ask your cabbie any number of questions, from, "How's your day going?" to, "Do you know a good place to eat?" There is one question that many people do not ask their drivers, but everyone should. Before leaving a taxi cab, you should always ask the cabbie for their card. Taxi Drivers Have Cards Although you might not think of taxi drivers as the type of people who carry business cards, most drivers have them.

27 February 2015

4 Ways Parents Can Be Proactive During Prom Season


Prom is something that teenagers look forward to every year. Some may not want their parents help while others do. Regardless of whether your teen wants your help or not, it is important that you are involved, as this is a very exciting time in their life. Most importantly, it is your responsibility to help ensure they know what to do when they are facing uncertain situations and how to stay safe.

26 February 2015