Benefits Of Using Intermodal Drayage


Intermodal drayage is the process of using various transportation methods such as road, air, and sea to move your goods to their final destination. A different transport method takes charge of every shipment step. Thus, you no longer need to rely on only one transport system. Here are the benefits of intermodal drayage transport.


While transport systems such as trucks may be reliable, they take longer to reach their destination, unlike rail and air. Also, you have to consider maintenance and gas expenses that inflate the cost of transport. Since intermodal drayage transport relies on various transport methods, you can choose fast methods that deliver your products quickly. This reduces transportation costs significantly.

However, you need to choose a combination of transport methods that are efficient and less costly. You can compare the rates of various intermodal drayage companies and choose an affordable company.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Intermodal drayage transport can help reduce your company's carbon footprint, especially by using rail. Trains use less fuel as they can carry more cargo from various companies in one trip. That means lower carbon emissions, which protects the ozone. Hence, your business can help prevent global warming by embracing intermodal drayage.

Increased Safety

Intermodal drayage transport reduces the amount of time your goods spend on the road. This reduces the risk of road accidents that can result in financial losses when your goods are destroyed. Also, this transport is safe for transporting hazardous materials. Most importantly, using various transport systems reduces the amount of time for handling the goods, lowering theft or physical damage incidents.


Using different modes of transport to deliver goods reduces delays. Remember that delays may cause spoilage of perishable goods. Additionally, you may destroy your relationships with clients if you can't make timely deliveries. Fortunately, ship and air transport can accommodate large cargo and cut the delivery time significantly more than when you rely on road transport only.

Business Sustainability

Intermodal drayage transport ensures accuracy in your business since tracking systems can help ensure your goods are handled accordingly. This tracking happens without the need to be physically present.

Additionally, intermodal drayage transport is efficient since intermodal drayage services ensure that the traffic on the ports, warehouses, and airports is moving smoothly. This contributes to the sustainability of your business due to smooth transport operations.

Intermodal drayage transport saves time and money, encourages business sustainability, increases safety, and reduces your business's carbon footprint. Consider embracing intermodal drayage in your company to enjoy these benefits.


11 October 2021

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