Useful Tips When Shopping for a Mobility Van for Medical Transportation


If you're starting a medical transportation company that will involve patients in wheelchairs, you need to cater to their mobility needs with a mobility van. These vans are more unique than traditional vans so using these tips throughout your search will help in the long run. 

1. Make Sure Van Meets Certain Standards

Transporting patients in wheelchairs inside a van is a unique thing and the reason why special coding exists to ensure passengers are safe during travels. You need to ensure the mobility van you get can meet these codes because if it doesn't, you'll receive fines.

They could be very costly and in some cases, you may lose your license to transport patients in wheelchairs to and from their doctor opponents. That would be devastating so just spend the extra time making sure the van meets certain requirements from the beginning.

2. Review Ramp Quality

The ramp is such an instrumental component of any type of mobility van because this is what the wheelchairs will be traveling on when going up or down. So that you make the right investment for your medical transportation business, take some time to review ramp quality regardless of which mobility van you're interested in buying.

The ramp needs to be well constructed so that when a patient in a wheelchair goes up it, there isn't any give or movement. Also check the texture of the ramp. There needs to be plenty so that wheelchairs don't slip and actually move back down.

3. Assess Interior Space

Interior space is so important to review when getting a mobility van for medical transportation because wheelchairs have to fit inside. You also want passengers having plenty of room so that they don't feel like they're being suffocated throughout their travels.

You don't want to guess whether a mobility van provides enough space. Instead, you want to look at mobility vans in person and actually get inside like you're the patient. That gives you a realistic perspective of what patients will be experiencing each time they ride in this vehicle. Then, you can choose a van with plenty of interior space. 

Mobility vans are pivotal for patients in wheelchairs trying to get to their appointments. If you're buying one to start a medical transportation business, look at relevant features that will determine what type of experiences passengers have inside the van. For more insight, contact companies that have mobility vans for sale. 


7 January 2021

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