Destination Wedding Guide: Chartering A Private Jet


Does the idea of standing in line at security, shoeless and with all your belongings in a plastic tub, suck the romance from your dream destination wedding? If so, there are other options. Chartering a private jet to take you and your beloved to the locale of your dreams can help you avoid many of the hassles of a commercial flight. This guide can help you plan your charter.

Get a Head Count

If you are planning on a small wedding, it may be well worth it to charter a flight for everyone. This ensures that everyone arrives on time for the big event. You can also spread the cost out amongst all the attendees, which will help lower the cost.

For larger weddings, you can still charter a jet for the bridal couple and the most vital members of the wedding party.

Size Matters

The amount of people a jet will hold depends on the size of plane that you charter, but there are options available for nearly any group size. You can charter a light jet for just the two of you, or a large jet for 20 of your closest friends. Keep in mind, larger planes typically cost more since they require more fuel. Jet size may also depend on your destination. Not all jets are safe for long distance travel, so you may need to charter a larger plane if your destination isn't nearby.

In the Air

In-air services depend on the charter service and what you are willing to pay for. Many charter companies provide a flight attendant and basic services for passengers. They may even have a wedding or celebration service available, which may include champagne and other fancy treats after take-off.

If you want to feel like royalty while on the plane, verify that the charter service provides all the services you desire. This includes meal service, alcohol service, in-flight entertainment, and music selections. Usually, you can even request specific meals and entertainment options to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Security Woes

In many cases, you can bypass the bulk of airport security when you are flying on a charter. Mid-size and large airports generally have a fixed base of operations within the terminal, specifically for charter flights. This base is typically outside of security, so you bypass the long line completely. Smaller airports and regional air fields are even more laid back – you may be able to drive right up to the steps of your plane. If there are any airport issues you must navigate, make sure the charter company provides a concierge to help you through.


30 April 2015

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