Planning The Perfect Romantic Proposal: Ideas For You

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When it comes to stressful and anxious event planning, no event is more intimidating than planning to propose to your girlfriend. You know that she has likely been imagining this moment since she was a little girl, and you do not want to disappoint her when you ask her if she will spend the rest of her life with you. Perfection is a necessity. However, you also do not want your proposal to be cliched or just like everyone else's. The proposal story you tell people has to stand out from all the rest. So, get to know a few ideas to help you plan the perfect proposal that will knock your girlfriend off of her feet. 

Charter A Private Yacht

If you want to make a big production of your proposal, there is no better way than to pair it with a surprise vacation or trip with your girlfriend. Private yacht charters in the caribbean (or elsewhere) are the pinnacle of luxury and romance. 

These charter services allow you and your girlfriend the opportunity to enjoy each other's company out at sea with beautiful and open scenery, gourmet meals prepared by on-board staff, luxurious accommodations and even recreational equipment such as water skis and snorkeling gear all included in the charter service. 

There will be so many perfect and romantic opportunities for you to propose on a trip in a chartered private yacht, from a sunset on the deck, or following a delectable gourmet meal, or even while enjoying the view from a built-in hot tub. No matter which moment you choose, it will be one to remember. 

Rent A Mountain Cabin

If you like the idea of a vacation-like proposal scenario but just don't have the money to charter a private yacht, you could opt instead to rent a rustic and cozy mountain cabin. You and your fiance could get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life up in the woods and mountains. 

Try to rent a cabin near a hiking trail, lake, or other recreational spot that could be romantic for a proposal. If you have a cabin by a lake, rent a canoe and paddle out into the water at sunset and propose. Or you could drop down on one knee when you reach a breathtakingly scenic spot on the hiking trail.

And, of course, you could also cook her dinner one night in the cabin and pop the question then. Again, when you have all the makings of romance in the location, all you have to do is pick your favorite moment.

Now that you have a few ideas for the perfect romantic proposal, you can get down to the planning details. Before you know it, you will be sweeping your fiance off of her feet in the most romantic moment of her life. 


27 April 2015

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