How to Get Your Teenager Excited to Go Mountain Biking with You


Often times getting your teenager to do something with you can be difficult because not only do they have their own life that they are busy with, but they may not think that it is "cool" to hang out with their parent. The first way to motivate your child to do something with you, is going to be to make it fun. Think of something that is physically challenging and exciting at the same time, like mountain biking. Then once you have picked out mountain biking, you then need to "sell" it to them to make it sound as fun and exciting as possible. This article will discuss 3 ways to get your teenager excited to go mountain biking with you. 

Take Them to a Bike Shop

Since bike shops have all sorts of different mountain bikes for your child to look at, this is a great place to take them. You can show them some of the top of the line mountain bikes, and explain to them how to use all of the different gear shifts. You can also show them some of the accessories that you generally use when you go mountain biking. If your child seems interested, you can get them even more excited about your upcoming mountain biking trip by purchasing them some of their own gear. This can include spandex, jackets, shoes, gloves, a helmet, etc. 

Show Them the Mountain Trails

If your teenager has never gone mountain biking before, they likely have very little idea of what the mountain biking trails actually look like. To show them how awesome they are, you can take your child up to the trails in the car, and you can walk around and show them the area. Not only will this allow your teenager to see just how amazing the trails are, but it will also help to prepare them for what to expect when you go on your first mountain biking experience together. 

Make It All About Them

Rather than just doing what you normally do when you go mountain biking, make the experience about them. Ask them what trails they would like to take, how fast they would like to go, how long they would like to mountain bike, and other simple questions that help them to feel like you are letting them make some of the decisions. Not only will this help them to feel like you are trying to make this experience a great one for them, but they will appreciate the fact that you trust them enough to let them be in charge for the day. 


31 March 2015

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