5 Limo Services For Prom That Go Above And Beyond


It's prom-time and you're looking for limo services fit for your teen. Gone are the days when a simple black stretch was the go-to ride for formal dances. Today's teens are looking to go above and beyond, showing up to the event in super-style.

Before you rent a ride for your high-schooler, consider what the options really are. There's the obvious classic limousine choice. But, what other types of transportation are available?

1. Stretch Hummer. The mega-sized version of the already grand SUV has a sense of youth and can accommodate your teen's entire prom party. With the ability to seat well over a dozen kids, this is an option if your child wants to bring along more than another couple.

2. Party Bus. A party bus is literally what it sounds like – a party on a bus! While an adult trip in one of these fun-on-wheels rides may be more like a bar scene, the limo company will provide a safe, alcohol-free environment. For teens, a party bus means a roomy ride with disco-style lights, music and age-appropriate refreshments (such as soda). As a bonus, you can rent a bus that fits large parties over 20.

3. Special Stretch Interiors. According to the National Limousine Association, some stretch limos come with specialized interiors. This may include a youthful design scheme, colorful lights or fabrics that are different than the normal black leather. This type of limo may also come equipped with other options such as fiber optic lights, a DVD player or an upgraded system to play music on.

4. Exterior Colors. No one says that your teen has to show up to the prom in a car that's sporting a traditional hue. Take your child's ride to the next level with an unexpected color choice. Some limo services provide a range of shades such as pink, blue or even red.

5. Classic Cars. If your teen is only riding with her date, consider a classic car rental. This doesn't mean that your child drives the car. Instead, the limo driver chauffeurs the couple to the dance and back. A popular example is a Rolls Royce, but some limousine companies offer a variety of luxury and old-school options.

Make prom magical for your teen with a limo, rented from a company like American Sedan Service, that makes a true statement. From the party fun of a stretch SUV or bus to specialized décor and classy classics, arriving at the prom in a not-so-traditional car ups the cool actor and adds to a majorly memorable night.


31 March 2015

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