How To Pick The Perfect Party Bus Tour On Your Vacation


Most larger cities offer party bus rentals that your group can utilize while cruising around town. Each bus comes with a driver, so your group can relax and not worry about getting lost or getting too tipsy. Not all party bus companies offer the same services. Decide what kind of experience your group would like to have, before calling to make a reservation.

Do you want a day time trip or do you want to see the nightlife?

Day Trips

Daytime trips offer a host of possibilities from winery and brewery tours, city tours, and historical tours. You can still party the entire time, but maybe learn something along the way. If you opt for a tour of the city, your party bus will come with a driver and a tour guide. The party bus will take you to key areas of the city, and let you off to explore at each place. The cost of a tasting at a winery or brewery is usually included in the cost of your ticket for these types of tours.

If you are in a city that is known for it's culinary arts, your bus can take you all over town, to different restaurants, to try a few dishes off of each menu. Feel free to try a cocktail as well, since all of the driving and navigating has been taken care of.

Night Life

Many people prefer to party at night. There is a plethora of possibilities as your party bus drives you and your friends around town. You can request to be taken to the best bars or to dance clubs. If you are unfamiliar with the city, decide on a genre of bar, pub, or club that your friends would like to experience. Some ideas include karaoke bars, western themed bars, or Irish pubs. Don't be afraid to customize your tour by requesting to be taken to dinner, then to karaoke or a comedy club, and then out dancing. If you are renting the party bus for a bachelor party, burlesque clubs are a popular choice for the evening. Decide on a set amount of time to spend in each place before the group reconvenes.

Even though all of the driving is taken care of, remember to drink responsibly.



26 March 2015

Tips for Navigating Your Transportation Options While on Vacation

Many travelers face the same dilemma while on vacation -- is it better to rent a car or take taxis? I made some guidelines for myself to determine which transportation option to use during each vacation. First, I always rely on taxi-cabs in large cities, as I can walk many places and driving in heavy traffic is not for me. Rental cars are best for quieter locations. Second, I determine what is on my itinerary, if I have one at all. If I have a strict plan of where I need to go and when, then I take a cab. If I don't have a tight, planned-out schedule, then a rental car is more useful for driving around and checking out scenery. I created this blog to encourage others to stop stressing over which transportation option you choose and when. Make your own guidelines to make the choice easier.