Transitioning From Long Distance Relationship To Living Together


You've talked to your significant other about taking your long distance relationship to the next level. You've decided that it's time to for you to live together, but the thought of moving far away from your home has you on edge. What do you do?

Preparing for a long distance move is difficult enough without wondering if living together is the right decision for your relationship. But, don't panic just yet. Take a deep breath, and follow these tips to make your long distance move as smooth as possible.

Talk to Your Partner

You've already discussed living together with your partner, but have you really ironed out all of the details of your new living arrangement? Setting boundaries and discussing your relationship details before you move makes it easier for you to adjust to your new living arrangements. Some things to consider discussing include:

  • Defining your relationship to make sure that you both have a similar outlook for the future.
  • Items that you prefer to keep private, such as your computer, a journal or your cell phone.
  • How to keep your relationship out of a dating rut. For example, you could have weekly date nights, travel together or find a hobby that you both enjoy.

Determine What You Need

Combining households means purging a lot of your stuff, because some things you don't need in duplicate. Take some time to discuss which items you need to pack with your significant other. However, don't simply ask what items your partner already has; discuss each item in detail to make sure you're keeping the nicer of the two. For example, if you have a large flat-screen TV and your partner has an older model, it makes more sense to keep your TV.

Prepare for Your Move

Preparing for a long distance move is different than preparing for a local move. First, it's imperative that you pack well, because traveling a longer distance means driving over more bumps in the road. With each bump, your belongings can shift or even break. So, it's important that you wrap breakable items in bubble wrap and make sure each box is as full as possible to avoid shifting.

Second, you need to divide your belongings into items that you're taking with you and items that your long distance movers are moving for you. Keep all of your necessities with you, as well as important paperwork and small valuables such as jewelry. You can consult with a company like Meelheims Transfer & Storage to get a better idea of what to do.

People always go through an adjustment period when they move into a new home or begin living with their partners. Moving far away from your home, your friends, and everything you're familiar with can make the transition even harder. However, openly communicating with your partner and preparing for your move in advance makes the transition a lot easier for everyone involved.


4 March 2015

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