4 Ways Parents Can Be Proactive During Prom Season


Prom is something that teenagers look forward to every year. Some may not want their parents help while others do. Regardless of whether your teen wants your help or not, it is important that you are involved, as this is a very exciting time in their life. Most importantly, it is your responsibility to help ensure they know what to do when they are facing uncertain situations and how to stay safe. Here are some tips for you as a parent:

Set Up a "Check-In" Schedule for Your Teen

Although this isn't necessary during the hours that the prom is taking place, it may be something you want to consider enforcing for the hours following prom. For example, if they are going to a friend's house after prom, have them text you upon their arrival. Make sure they text before they get in the car and head on. If plans deviate from the original schedule, ensure that they know they need to keep you informed.

Create and Discuss an Escape Plan for Bad Situations

You never know when something bad is going to happen, so it's always recommended to have a plan and discuss it with your teen. Prom can be an enjoyable night, but there may be peer pressure involved. If your teen gets uncomfortable with someone or finds themselves in an unexpected situation that has them uneasy, make sure that they know what to do. Come up with a code word or something similar that they can text you so you know they need help. Make sure they also know they can call you at any time for permission, advice, etc.

Talk About the Consequences and Risks of Drinking, Drug Use and Unprotected Sex

Hopefully, you've already had the conversation about the birds and the bees. You've probably already discussed with your teen about the risks and consequences of bad behavior and peer pressure. However, when it comes to unprotected sex, drug use and alcohol use, does it really hurt to have the conversation again? Absolutely not! In fact, the more you talk about it, the more it is etched into their brain. In addition to the potential risks, consequences and regrets, make sure to talk to them about the school's policy on drug and alcohol use.

Encourage a Limo Rental

While you can discourage drinking and drugs, it doesn't mean that it won't happen. The last thing you want is for your teen – who may or may not be under the influence – to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. The same can be said for a sleepy teen who has been out and about all night. If you know that a professional is driving your teen to their destination, then you will feel much better about their safety on prom night. A Prestige Limousine is a local limousine service you can contact.


26 February 2015

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