Is Commercial Truck Ownership Right For You?


Have you always dreamed of quitting your commercial truck driving job, buying your own rig, and going into business for yourself? If so, there are a few facts that you should know about owner operator trucking jobs before deciding whether or not to make this type of career change.

Fact: It May Take Some Time Before You See Any Increase In Pay

One of the main reasons that many commercial truck drivers dream of becoming the owner operator is the ability to increase their income. While it is true that owning your own commercial truck will open up a whole new world of income potential, it is important that you understand that this increase in income will not be instantaneous. In fact, it can often take owner operators several years before seeing a dramatic increase in revenue. This is because, while you will not need to share any of the profits with an employer, you will also carry the entire burden of any overhead costs.

Fact: You May Work Longer Hours Than Ever Before

Another reason many truck drivers aspire to owner operator driving jobs is the dream of spending less time on the road while still earning a decent wage. While it is true that ownership will provide you with the ability to choose which jobs to take and what turnaround to offer your clients, you should know that your success will often rest on your willingness to take on jobs that other drivers won't and to offer faster turnaround times than your established competition. Consequently, you may find that you work longer hours than ever before directly after becoming your own boss.

Fact: You Will Be Held To The Same Standards As A Large Trucking Company

Despite the fact that your company is made up on just one truck and one driver, you will still be held to the same standards as a large trucking company. This means that you will need to comply with all the same safety regulations and maintain all of the same insurance coverage in order to keep your truck on the road. The ability to meet these standards will need to be factored in to your estimated startup costs when determining whether or not you are financially able to make the switch to ownership.

In Conclusion

An owner operator trucking job can be the ideal career path for many commercial truck drivers. However, ownership is not right for everyone. If after reading the facts outlined above, you are still anxious to get started on your path to being an owner operator, purchasing a used semi-truck from a local auction can be a great way to throw your new career in gear.


11 November 2014

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